Datacenter convergence, hybrid by design

Yottabyte is a public cloud service provider that is making its technology available to everyone. In order to meet the needs of customers and internal IT teams, Yottabyte has developed an easy-to-use, powerful, and highly efficient hybrid cloud offering. Technology proven in Yottabyte data centers, which has led to numerous satisfied customers, is now available to everyone.

Traditional storage systems fail to meet the needs of modern businesses and service providers by adding fixed amounts of capacity with limited bandwidth, requiring large, up-front capital expenses, and making scalability difficult.

Traditional virtualization solutions fail to provide simple installation and maintenance, and use self-service private cloud solutions. Advanced networking, moving workloads between private and public data centers, and infrastructure basics such as backups and replication are frequently left to the customer.

Yottabyte's yCenter* provides an excellent alternative to traditional storage arrays and to traditional virtualization solutions. yCenter includes a fully distributed, globally de-duplicated, erasure-coded storage system developed from the ground up to deliver storage in a self-managed, self-healing platform.

In addition to yCenter's self-service virtualization management, data protection, caching, tiering, replication, and workload placement capabilities, yCenter allows flexibility in how data is stored, protected, and accessed. yCenter is more than just a storage solution. yCenter ensures that workloads can get exactly the resources they need to operate where they need to operate.
Yottabyte sells scale-out YottaBlox* appliances and cloud storage and computing services directly, and via the Yottabyte Cloud Partner community.

YottaBlox are sold in hyperconverged (HCI), storage-only (AFA and Hybrid), and compute-only varieties. All YottaBlox are built using Intel® hardware. YottaBlox deliver virtual storage, computing, and networking via the simple-to-manage yCenter software platform.

YottaBlox are powered by yCenter. yCenter is a radically simple hybrid cloud solution that includes a scalable, globally deduplicated, erasure-coded storage solution. Data protection, tearing, multisite replication, software-defined networking, and an easy-to-use self-service virtualization management interface are only some of the powerful features that are a standard part of yCenter and the YottaBlox it powers.