XSKY is a China-based technical company focusing on software-defined storage products and services. Funders are from China's top cloud service providers and leading IT/CT vendors' Ex R&D teams. XSKY builds Internet carrier operation experience, mainstream open-source technology, and enterprise best practices into the products, offering customers enterprise-ready, scale-out block/file/object storage solutions.

XSKY is also a major committer to the open-source storage system Ceph. XSKY ranks in the top three worldwide and number one in China for source code contribution to the Ceph community, especially in performance enhancements, by utilizing new IO paths and solid-state media. Early adopters of XSKY products are from the FSI, transport, telecom, and energy segments. XSKY partners with leading IT companies, including Red Hat, Intel, and Dell, focusing on the SDS layer, creating a win-win for global end users.


X-EBS is an enterprise-level converged distributed block storage solution provided by XSKY. It is based on the mainstream open-source scale-out storage system Ceph, seamlessly adapting various open architecture hardware and Linux* distributions. X-EBS integrates unique enhancements of performance, reliability, scalability, and manageability on the original open-source version, and provides a 24/7 self-service portal. X-EBS helps telecom carriers and CSPs build tens of PB-scale storage pools, and enables enterprises to get a cost-efficient, medium-size scale-out block of storage, converging with or replacing middle-band storage appliances, support virtualization, private cloud, database, and other OLTP/OLAP applications.