Wiwynn is a fast-growing cloud infrastructure provider that develops high-density computing and storage products, plus rack solutions, for leading data centers.

A subsidiary of Wistron Corporation, Wiwynn Corporation is dedicated to providing hyperscale data center and cloud infrastructure products and system solutions to customers. In addition to being the best technology service provider to our clients, Wiwynn also hopes to be the best partner from a business perspective.

In this new era of cloud computing, Wiwynn understands the future needs of customers involve high-efficiency and low-energy consumption of large-scale computing and storage, high-speed data transfer, and the integration of software and hardware. By leveraging Wistron's years of hardware and software design and development capabilities, Wiwynn teams provide hyperscale data center and cloud infrastructure solutions to operators and enterprises, including cost-effective servers, storage, network systems, rack basic infrastructure, and management software.

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Wiwynn® WiRack21

Inspired by the Open Compute Project (OCP) standard, Wiwynn WiRack21 is ideally suited for cloud service providers or large data centers demanding high levels of operation and power efficiency. The centralized power system and vanity-free design allow easy cold- aisle operation and tool-less replacement of front-serviceable parts.

Wiwynn® WiRack19

This standardized frame is perfect for mounting generic server, storage, and networking products. Additionally, WiRack19 fits perfectly with 12U Open Cloud chassis, fully enjoying Open CloudServer benefits for operational efficiency.


The best choice for the next-generation of data centers our high-density, ultra-low latency, nonblocking Ethernet switches deliver high performance.