Experience the Storage Revolution

Introducing the world's first distributed scale-out file system software that turns any commodity Intel®-based server into a high-performance scale-out storage system. It is infrastructure agnostic so you can deploy it on any Intel® server architecture, hyperconverged or as a dedicated storage appliance—you decide.

Simplicity at Scale

Moving to a software-defined data center is easy with Weka.IO. Our intuitive, GUI-driven management software makes it simple to install, scale, manage, and maintain your infrastructure. And because the cloud is all about agility, you can scale storage capacity and performance independently. With Weka.IO, you are in control of the dials.

Flash First

You love the performance of all-flash arrays, but you love the convenience of file systems. We deliver on both, so you only need to build out one solution to meet your business goals. We built our file system from scratch to deliver the performance of flash.

Highest Reliability

Our file system anticipates that your hardware will fail and we account for that. Loose server nodes, solid state drives (SSDs), or network connections—your data is fully protected and available. Our distributed erasure coding is tightly coupled with SSDs to ensure you get the most reliable and cost-efficient data storage for your cloud.

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High-performance, file-based storage is the holy grail in the age of big data, and with the emergence of SSDs, we are now at a point where we can actualize this goal. However, traditional data centers still maintain separate platforms for high-performance workloads on a storage area network (SAN), while scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) is used for global data share. With Weka.IO, you can ditch the complex Fibre Channel SAN, but maintain the performance and latency your apps need.

Data is your treasure. But what good is it if your applications cannot easily access or share it? File-based storage is simple to administer, provides a single namespace for all applications, allows us to use metadata to intelligently manage data, and even leverages the lowest cost disk to create a cold tier. Weka.IO software-defined storage technology is transforming enterprise and cloud storage by radically simplifying the way storage is deployed in the data center.

Run Weka.IO's file system as a virtual machine (VM), container, or process: the Weka.IO file system is just another application in your compute infrastructure. Weka.IO's file system communicates with applications and manages clustering, data distribution, erasure coding, snapshots, rebuilds, and data tiering. IT's object connector tiers cold data off to any S3 or SWIFT-based cloud—either in house or at your service provider.