Empowering Professionals

Since it's conception in 2004, Thecus Technology Corporation has been on a mission to provide the global market with leading network attached storage, committed to revolutionizing how everyone from the home user to enterprise level business centrally store, manage and access their digital data both onsite and cloud-based.

In 2016, Thecus was acquired by the Ennoconn Corporation, this acquisition follows a significant number of similar strategic investments in companies based in the "IoT" industry made by Ennoconn Corporation, under their management; the Foxconn IPC Technology Group has positioned itself strongly to offer a total "IoT" solution to the international community.

With Ennoconn's acquisition, Thecus will formally join the world's largest electronics manufacturing company Foxconn IPC Technology Group. Foxconn is renowned for its superior manufacturing capability globally, cost-efficiency, and high-end quality. It is anticipated that with the collaboration of this unparalleled portfolio to work with, Thecus is set to bring unprecedented change to the network storage industry.


Thecus sets to define itself in the market with its fusion of raw power and affordability, while delivering a diverse array of functionality with each NAS.

Massive Scalability

With Thecus' daisy chaining, one master NAS unit can be installed as a controller with up to four DAS linked as slaves, ensuring rapid speeds and tremendous capacities, saving nearly 30% on hardware costs.

Reliable Data Protection

High Availability is a feature that actively keeps your data synced on two separate yet identical NAS. If one needs maintenance, the other will immediately take over the reins without as much as a blip in service. Perfect operational performance, with zero downtime.

Cloud Backup

While all Thecus NAS can operate as private cloud solutions (with internet connection), they can also be set to back up select data to commercial cloud services. Allowing users to capitalize on cloud's advanced accessibility and data redundancy.

Advanced Virtualization

With virtualization-enabled storage solutions, Thecus can save companies significant hardware and energy expenses, plus reduce the cost of deployment and improve the use of limited storage space.

Easy Recovery

Through Btrfs subvolumes, snapshots of data at various time points can be created and easily restored to rollback files to previous states.