Remaking storage for containers

In 2012, we spent a long weekend helping a rapidly growing software-as-a-service customer migrate data to a new storage system. This was an extremely time-intensive task, and it took us a lot of man-hours and expertise to make sure everything went as planned.

Today, many businesses still handle storage the same way as our customer in 2012, fueling their development with systems and infrastructures that seem to require as much maintenance, expense, and expertise as a sports car—with none of the luxuries attached.

But what if you could make storage that responded to application requests? Storage that was fast and flexible and took care of the provisioning details with simple repeatable commands?

We believe that storage is easy when it is available as a service to applications. Storage must be so simple that developers and storage administrators can consistently deploy it to meet the needs of the DevOps environment.

We also believe that your storage platform should not be bound to your hardware—it should be wherever your applications runs. To make this possible, we created storage that responds to an applications intent by inventing revolutionary technology such as microdisks that fundamentally change the storage you have now into the lightning-fast, flexible, and simple-to-manage storage of the future.

We believe that the key is to make the lives of developers and storage administrators as easy as possible and with Storidge software we have significantly reduced the cost and complexity of storage administration.


Digital transformation is driving the need for business agility and rapid application development and deployment. As companies adopt container technology and microservices architectures, these new cloud-native applications have fundamentally changed the requirements for the underlying storage infrastructure. Applications running in containers impose a level of agility and scalability that cannot be addressed with traditional networked storage. This is the reason Storidge is remaking storage for containers.

At Storidge we develop software that transforms standard x86 servers with high-performance flash memory storage into a powerful hyper-converged solution that is purpose built for containers. Our software manages storage volumes as lightweight block objects that are latency optimized and portable just like containers. Embedded expertise in our software translates application intent into provisioned storage, eliminating the high cost of managing hardware infrastructure. This makes it easy for companies to efficiently deploy containerized applications with persistent data.

Using the unique capabilities of our Storidge software with Intel NVMe hardware, we’ve enabled an unprecedented degree of both control and performance. While NVMe hardware is capable of delivering millions of IOPS, that level of performance is not immediately usable by most applications. Storidge’s focus on optimizing latency combined with our microdisk technology allows that raw performance to be easily partitioned and managed for many different applications at the same time.