#1 HyperConverged Appliance for SMB and ROBO

StarWind is a storage virtualization innovator poised between the cutting and bleeding edges of technology. It consistently brings to life solutions built with a revolutionary vision. StarWind was one of the first companies to move software-defined storage from a niched concept to an industry standard. The company’s core product is StarWind Virtual SAN, software that eliminates the need for physical shared storage by mirroring internal HDD and flash between hypervisor servers. It is a versatile tool that turns a couple of compatible commodity servers into a fault-tolerant storage pool, dramatically reducing implementation cost.

StarWind has also gone hybrid, offering a number of hardware solutions based on the core product. One of these hybrid products, StarWind HyperConverged Appliance, was the first-ever hyperconverged platform purpose-built for SMB and ROBO. It unifies best-of-breed hardware and software into a single scalable and manageable layer. The HCA, as well as every flash-using hardware product of StarWind, utilizes Intel® SSDs.

StarWind solutions come with the following benefits:
Exceptional simplicity. StarWind products are easy to manage without any specialized skills. A system administrator with even limited experience with Windows*, Hyper-V*, VMware*, or storages will be able to install, configure, and run products in a matter of minutes. Low cost. StarWind is targeted to SMB and ROBO. By offering products that use generally less hardware for the same task, StarWind manages to make solutions affordable. Performance and features. StarWind offers enterprise-class performance and features, using sophisticated in-house developed technologies. StarWind uses fault-tolerance, multi-tiered caching, and space reduction, log structuring, and other best practices.

StarWind provides a way to build an entire virtualization infrastructure in one affordable purchase. The HyperConverged Appliance aggregates top-of-the-line hardware and software components from several vendors and offers a single point of support. The solution employs the features of StarWind’s core software product to achieve high performance without the need for any unreasonably expensive proprietary hardware. The StarWind solution includes:

Multi-tiered caching that utilizes commodity RAM and Intel® SSD for high performance. RAM is used as level 1 cache to absorb writes, so the Intel SSD has a longer lifecycle. Data deduplication for effective utilization of disk space. Multiprotocol for complete versatility and universal compatibility.