Enterprise flash-based storage with data recovery to any second

Reduxio™ builds the next-generation enterprise flash storage arrays that provide breakthrough cost and capacity savings for customers.

Reduxio TimeOS™ is a revolutionary new storage operating system implementing Tier-X™ continuous active tiering, NoDup™ in-line in-memory deduplication and compression, and BackDating™ - data recovery for any second for applications, databases and VMs.

The Reduxio HX550 enterprise flash storage system running TimeOS accelerates applications performance and increases storage efficiency beyond what is available in other flash-based architectures, and Reduxio's revolutionary BackDating™ technology obsoletes snapshots by enabling administrators to recover applications, databases and virtual machines to any second.

Reduxio HX550
Reduxio HX550
The HX550 flash storage arrays, based on Reduxio's TimeOS™ storage operating system and running on the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 family, allow you to recover application data to any second in the past, eliminates most of the complexity associated with managing storage, and provides exceptional performance and efficiency.

Solutions for Virtualized Infrastructure
Reduxio BackDating™ enable administrators to recover or clone virtual disks, VMs and VM data stores to any second in the past, providing up to the second data recoverability and accelerate test and development for leading server and desktop virtualization environments from VMware, Microsoft, RedHat and others. Flash is used in the most financially sound way—as a real tier, and just for the blocks that need its performance.

Solutions for Databases
Reduxio BackDating™ offers a unique capability to instantly recover production databases to any second in the past. Automatic consistency simplify the recovery of business applications running in multiple systems, and independent thin clones accelerate database dev and test operations. Recovery using BackDating has been validated with leading databases - Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.
Reduxio storage provide low-latency performance and substantial capacity savings for the most challenging enterprise applications.

Solutions for DevOps
Reduxio's unique data-management capabilities enable administrators to store data once, and leverage it across the entire development cycle, all without the need to create and maintain many copies of it or perform costly clone splits.

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