Your trusted partner for storage scalability, reliability, and performance

RAIDIX is a high performance storage system software development company. We tailor our software to fit industry-specific data storage needs for market segments that have strict requirements for storage reliability, scalability, and high rate of data transfer.

The core strategic value is represented by patented erasure coding methods and innovative technologies that emerge from our research laboratory. Running on commodity-off-the-shelf server hardware, RAIDIX creates a resilient storage with high throughput, high performance, and low latency.

The global partner network consists of system integrators, storage vendors, and IT solution providers, who build their storage products powered by RAIDIX focusing on professional applications. Media and entertainment, healthcare, video surveillance, and high-performance computing (HPC) are industries where huge amounts of unique data are generated on a daily basis and where RAIDIX finds most of its customers.

Founded in 2009, RAIDIX brings years of previous data storage experience to our clients. Combined with a deep understanding of industry-specific processes and requirements, our vast technical expertise provides professional solutions through each of our software product families.

RAIDIX's technological partnership with Intel brings new solutions to the market and additional benefits to storage users.

An integrated RAIDIX and Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre* software solution helps IT managers to build appropriate storage systems for business-critical workloads with maximum uptime and data availability for companies and organizations that require scalable, high-performance, and high-availability data storage.

RAIDIX software for high performance storage solutions with Intel EE for Lustre installed on Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers combines the advantages of RAIDIX erasure coding and Intel software and provides scalable storage systems for high-performance parallel I/O operations. The integrated solution is installed in a single box to provide companies with great cost advantages.