Pure Storage

On-ramp to the All-Flash Cloud

A World of Possibility

Imagine the power to transform your business today and pave the road to the future. Pure Storage® gives you the power and reliability you need to tackle the most demanding business and IT problems.

We're on a Mission

W​e're out to change the way people build technology. We'll defy industry conventions, and by pairing our partners and customers with our ​elegantly​ simple solutions we hope to forever change expectations of what's possible.

The Future Just Found a New Gear

We're here with the humble aspiration to accelerate the speed of human progress with our radically simple, all-flash enterprise storage technology. We're driven by our belief that storage isn't just a place to put things, it's a powerful force to be unleashed—a force that will remove the limitations on those building the world of today, so they can erase the word "impossible" from tomorrow.

Faster, Smarter, and More Innovative Business

Achieve business results that were previously unimaginable. Get real-time analytic insights, and use that knowledge to create customer experiences the competition simply can't match. Transform your business with Pure Storage.


Put Out Your IT Fires Permanently
With All-Flash Starting At Less Than $50K

Slow applications, disruptive operations, and burdensome management are just few of the issues that mid-size IT companies have to deal with on regular basis. IT fires consume time and resources from these companies and prevent them from focusing on activities to grow their business. However, enterprise proven all-flash storage that is reliable and simple is now available to everyone with FlashArray//m10.

Enterprise Proven. With greater than 99.999% availability, 100% performance through upgrades and maintenance, data protection built-in, and predictive support, the //m10, featuring the new Intel® Xeon E5-2600v4 processor, will have you wondering why anyone would settle for less.

Operate worry-free: we fix issues before you know they exist Experience a new level of satisfaction with industry leading NPS of 79

Storage That Just Works. Experience the extreme simplicity of //m10: appliance-like install in under an hour. With 100% performance through upgrades and maintenance, you can forget about downtime, and think about your weekend.

Become effective from day 1 Drive productivity gains by servicing requests faster and from anywhere

For Your Workloads Today – and Tomorrow. Accelerate your key applications now with all-flash performance and resiliency. //m10 will handle any mixed workloads with ease.

Consolidate all your workloads Run any data service