Primary Data

Right data, right place, right time.

Primary Data delivers dynamic data mobility through data virtualization, transforming datacenter architectures by aligning changing data demands with storage supply across a single global dataspace. Primary Data's storage-agnostic DataSphere platform enables intelligent, automated data mobility across different storage types without application disruption, evolving islands of storage into globally available resources.

Operating outside the datapath to ensure peak application performance and virtually limitless scalability, DataSphere creates a virtualized global dataspace that enables IT professionals to easily add more capacity or performance from any storage vendor to respond quickly to changing business needs. DataSphere features an intelligent policy engine that automatically places data across file, block, and object storage according to IT-defined service level objectives. With DataSphere, applications, servers, and clients gain the ability to transparently access data while it is intelligently migrated among direct-attached, network-attached, and private and public cloud storage to deliver unprecedented manageability, scalability performance, and efficiency.

Primary Data transforms datacenter economics by moving the right data to the right place at the right time. Founded by the industry veterans who brought flash memory to the enterprise at Fusion-io, Primary Data architects solutions that enable enterprises to automate the dynamic management and movement of all data throughout their infrastructure to give them a new level of visibility, insight, and control over their most valuable asset: their data.


Using industry-standard protocols, DataSphere virtualizes different storage types across a global dataspace. The storage-agnostic DataSphere data virtualization platform transparently connects storage infrastructure from any vendor, media, or protocol under a single, global dataspace. This allows data to easily move among server, local, shared, and cloud storage, so that DataSphere can place data dynamically across all storage types, according to objective-driven polices, ensuring the right data is at the right place at the right time, without business disruption.

Intel® Xeon® E5-2640 v3-based servers with multiqueue parallel Intel® SSD DC 3600/3700 Series, accelerate metadata operations to support DataSphere's low latency, out-of-band control path response times. This ensures data placement adapts in real-time to changing business needs, across Intel®-based commodity servers, SAN and NAS storage systems, and the cloud.