Simplify datacenter infrastructure, improve performance, and cut costs

Plexistor software turns off–the–shelf servers into efficient hyper–performing compute, network, and storage infrastructures. The Plexistor full–stack solution delivers application–centric infrastructure that can reduce total cost of ownership by 5x with applications like Cassandra* and MongoDB.

The Plexistor architecture can use a variety of storage and memory devices like volatile DRAM, as well as nonvolatile RAM such as NVDIMM–N and the recently announced Intel® and Micron 3D XPoint™ memory device. SDM also incorporates traditional storage media such as Flash* and high–capacity spinning disk drives into a single unified persistent high–capacity converged hierarchy.


Plexistor can be used in Amazon AWS as well as on premise, running on the Linux* OS or on Docker containers. An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is available on the Amazon marketplace free of charge. Plexistor SDM is available for download from the Plexistor website. Full support is available at