Frictionless Storage for Unstructured Data

NooBaa storage is the most agile and lowest-TCO storage architecture ever invented, reducing costly lock-in and providing the experience of public cloud in an enterprise-managed solution. NooBaa targets retention-oriented workloads such as Splunk, general archival, biotech, GIS, media, and content distribution.

Using advanced machine learning and IOT concepts, NooBaa ensures reliability and performance across any host resources available to the enterprise, including public or private hosts, fast and slow, large and small, virtual and physical, including shared hosts with underutilized capacity. NooBaa's novel control-plane design takes advantage of that heterogeneity to optimize for reliability, performance, security, and economics. NooBaa uses its agility to deploy far more easily than typical storage systems, and is typically online 15 minutes from initial download.

NooBaa's fast provisioning, elasticity, hardware independence, and pay-as-you-go licensing emulate the easy customer experience as the public cloud, while avoiding the security and lock-in risks. While improved agility accelerates IT responsiveness to application owners, the infrastructure-agnostic architecture dramatically reduces initial cost, operational cost, setup headaches, and migration costs compared to existing SDS solutions. Whereas existing NAS and object storage systems require monolithic infrastructure deployments, rigid configurations, and complex administration, NooBaa storage can be invoked in minutes with no up-front cost, self-optimizes with minimal intervention, and customers are free to incorporate new technologies and cloud strategies at any time into the system, reducing future risk to the enterprise.

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NooBaa's product is software that provides a full-enterprise storage solution, accessed by applications through an Amazon-compatible S3 interface. The solution is fueled using any Intel®-based capacity resources available to the enterprise including heterogeneous nodes, shared hosts (aka hyperconverged), and public cloud capacity. This resource flexibility is only possible through a unique control-plane design—leveraging IOT and machine-learning concepts—to ensure reliability, security, and QOS across the resource pool.

Examples of control-plane intelligence include automated pooling, auto-tiering, content-specific optimizations, and automated performance optimizations in response to host-application behavior.

Flexibility and ease of use (including a 15-minute, zero-cost installation) result in unprecedented agility for rapidly responding to business needs. It also means the elimination of administrative headaches associated with incorporating to new media, host, and networking technologies.

NooBaa provides enterprise-class features such as global deduplication, compression, full data-path encryption, unlimited wide-area flexibility, audit trails, and native integration with public cloud providers. Licensing is based on logical data stored (not capacity) and is free up to 20TB in NooBaa's community edition, which may be freely downloaded from the NooBaa website.