Experience the Storage Revolution

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Windows Server 2016 is a cloud-ready operating system, applying new levels of security and innovation to the applications and infrastructure that power your business. It will support the workloads you run in your data center today, and make it easier to move to a private cloud when you’re ready.

Storage Spaces Direct is the new storage feature built-in to Windows Server 2016, offering an advanced software-defined storage solution that pools server storage to build a highly-available and scalable cluster for Hyper-V virtual machines.


Microsoft has evolved their software-defined storage capability, taking learnings from the public cloud, and bringing those on-premise with Windows Server 2016 and Storage Spaces Direct. Using standard Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers, Storage Spaces Direct will pool together all of the storage capacity on those servers into a hyper-converged cluster. The cluster is capable of running a range of compute and storage workloads, from latency-sensitive OLTP databases, to Hyper-V IaaS storage, to capacity-hungry data warehousing.

Storage Spaces Direct supports all-flash configurations using Intel® Data Center Family SSDs, including PCIe SSDs using the low-latency NVMe interface. The PCIe SSDs are particularly suitable for the caching layer, but will be increasing used for capacity as well, as 3D NAND based SSDs offer a more and more attractive price point, and higher price-performance ratio.

Windows Server 2016 with Storage Spaces Direct offers a scalable, flexible and easy to configure solution, managed as part of a software-defined infrastructure using System Center 2016, making it easier to implement private clouds on premise, at an attractive price point in terms of both CapEx and OpEx.

Microsoft is enabling their partner ecosystem to deliver Storage Spaces Direct solutions, and pre-certified systems are available from a range of server vendors, as well as Intel® Data Center Blocks for Cloud, which are sold as white box systems through the distribution channel, and can be rebranded by OEM or system integrator partners.