Data management for hybrid clouds. Cost optimized. Real time. At scale.

ioFABRIC is data management for hybrid clouds—it's cost optimized, in real time, and at scale. The software creates a dynamic platform that delivers service-based storage through an organization's entire infrastructure to drive efficiency, minimize complexity, and save cost and time.

With ioFABRIC, the full potential of Intel®-based servers is revealed. The future-proofed platform analyzes and predicts what storage resources you need to add to your storage fabric as you grow. Installing and using new media—for performance or for commodity capacity—is seamless, with no manual provisioning or downtime.

ioFABRIC is changing the way companies think about storage. ioFABRIC's data-as-a-service software manages the storage infrastructure, transforming storage into something a business can depend on. Using artificial intelligence to maintain specific and global quality of service, ioFABRIC eliminates admin demands and frees IT time to focus on true business innovation.


ioFABRIC is an open, programmable data fabric that uses the storage systems and hardware you have to provide the data storage and management services you need, addressing the IT challenges of storage complexity, growth, point solutions, and performance. It uses industry-unique, policy-driven automation to deliver efficiency and business agility in the data center. ioFABRIC aggregates the performance and capacity of any storage, and delivers data storage and management services at consistent and continuous service levels. All this happens dynamically as workloads or conditions change, allowing you to move or add storage resources to address problems with no application downtime. In an ioFABRIC environment, you can seamlessly add the newest storage technology with no manual migration and with the assurance that only your most important data is using your most expensive storage media.

This is automatically driven by our quality-of-service management software. Rather than individually configuring performance media and capacity on each storage silo, define what your applications need from storage in terms of performance, capacity, and data protection on a single dashboard, and let ioFABRIC Vicinity provision and manage the service for you. This creates an adaptive storage environment that maintains service levels as compute and data grow.