Inspur is committed to developing and promoting products and technologies that are adaptable to our Chinese users. Our mission is to continuously enrich our product lines, which cover high-end massive storage and medium-end online centralized storage, data protection and service integration.

The benefit of storage lies in the full realization of data value. Inspur continues to focus on user demands, fully capitalizing on our unique advantages and enhancing our trustworthy products and technologies to develop tailor-made solutions. We also remain committed to providing efficient professional technical services to our Chinese users to help them unlock the full value of their data.

Inspur AS1100H Storage System

The Inspur AS1100H storage system is a unified storage platform that supports 16Gb FC, IB, 10Gb ISCSI and SAS. It delivers excellent performance, high reliability and extensibility and can be easily managed and maintained. The AS1100H storage system includes a hardware platform with advanced technology.