INFINIDAT was founded in 2011 by Moshe Yanai and a team of storage developers who have been engineering enterprise storage for more than three generations. They developed a storage architecture and an enterprise-proven storage platform that can be deployed to support multiple business needs—from a traditional storage hardware array, to cloud-based storage offerings. INFINIDAT’s storage architecture delivers more than 1M IOPS, has 99.99999 percent reliability, and can scale to multiple petabytes in a single rack.

Since its introduction in 2013, the InfiniBox™ storage array has been widely adopted across Fortune 1000 enterprises in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications. InfiniBox is being used to solve the most pressing data storage problems around the globe.

The result for INFINIDAT customers has been a reduction in storage costs, improvement in reliability, and decrease of operational overhead without the need to reengineer the IT infrastructure.

INFINDAT is storing the future.


INFINIDAT’s storage architecture is designed around core software capabilities that utilize industry–standard components. Each InfiniBox array contains Intel® x86 servers currently utilizing the Intel® Xeon® processor E5–4XXX. Intel products are also used for network connectivity, flash media, software libraries, analysis, and optimization tools.

The use of off–the–shelf servers allows INFINIDAT to work closely with Intel in evaluating new technologies during their early lifecycle phase. The evaluation can be done in real systems without the need to develop special hardware or build custom prototypes. This enables INFINIDAT to have a realistic view of new technology and provide important feedback to Intel. As a result, adoption does not require a long or complex development cycle. InfiniBox is run through rigorous testing processes and, once validated, the solution is available as a complete, high–availability storage platform.

New technologies, such as Intel® 3D XPoint™ and Supermicro NVMe* connectivity solutions, provide new advancements and opportunities. The InfiniBox architecture is built in such a way that it can take advantage of these new technologies to not only improve performance, but also further improve reliability, availability, and scale. INFINIDAT’s relationship with Intel helps bring our product to market faster and with greater quality.