The World's Fastest, Simplest and Lowest-Cost Enterprise Data Cloud

The iguazio Enterprise Data Cloud is a next gen data platform-as-a-service enabling a single, secure, high-performance deduplicated source of data, deployed on-premises or in hybrid cloud architectures. The iguazio platform enables the agile enterprise with seamless integration into modern applications over a commodity-based infrastructure. This new architecture makes data services and big data tools consumable for mainstream enterprises that have been unable to harness them because of their complexity and internal IT skills gaps. High speed transactions, ingestion, real-time analytics, batch processing and archiving share a common data repository, supporting simultaneous access through widely used and Amazon-compatible APIs of streaming, table, object, and file.

Key Benefits:
Eliminating data silos, ETLs and glue logic
Cloud Scale, Deployment & Operation Model
Performance and Efficiency
In-memory speeds, cloud storage costs and density
Granular security and data governance

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iguazio data cloud is based on high performance scale out architecture enabling customers to leverage the latest intel technologies in the most efficient way.

The iguazio engine software is a highly parallel data processing software leveraging latest technologies, such as OS bypass, NVMe flash, 3D XPoint , 100GbE networks, multi-core and advanced CPU instructions, processing millions of transactions per second at microsecond level latencies.

Leveraging the technologies mentioned above iguazio has developed high-performance unified data store, encoding and indexing a wide variety of data types. Data is stored once and can be read, updated or searched consistently using multiple standard APIs and different workload patterns simultaneously, without duplicating the data.

Key Applications:
Simplify stateless cloud-native and SaaS apps IoT edge and IoT cloud analytics Accelerate real-time and interactive analytics Enterprise data lakes enabling big data as a service

Platform Diagram – Our Solution