Storage for the Cognitive Era

IBM® Storage provides the performance, agility, and efficiency needed to capture and keep competitive advantage in the cognitive era.

IBM offers a comprehensive portfolio of storage solutions. You can accelerate your mainframes, scale out as quickly and easily as your unstructured data does, start small and grow with your business, embrace the cloud, and gain the strategic advantage required to outpace your competition. If you bring IBM Storage along as your partner, no matter where your next steps lead, you won't go there without plenty of cost-effective, market-leading, globally supported options for moving fast.

Built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize® software and the latest Intel® technologies, the IBM Storwize® family is designed specifically to meet the unique storage requirements of organizations with midsized workloads and limited budgets that still need all of the capabilities demanded in business-critical environments. Available in a wide range of all-flash and hybrid solutions, the Storwize family delivers sophisticated features, such as heterogeneous external virtualization and real-time compression, that help growing businesses thrive in the twenty-first century.

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Storage systems in the Storwize family

IBM Storwize All-Flash Systems
IBM Storwize V7000F and IBM Storwize V5030F

All-flash enterprise-class solutions deliver high performance to enable real-time insights from your organization's business data.

IBM Storwize Hybrid Solutions
New! IBM Storwize V7000 Unified and IBM Storwize V7000

Highly scalable, virtualized, enterprise-class, hybrid storage solutions are designed to consolidate workloads into a single system for ease of management, reduced costs, improved performance, and high availability.

IBM Storwize V5000

This highly flexible, easy-to-use, virtualized, hybrid storage solution enables organizations with midsized workloads to overcome their storage challenges with advanced functionality.

IBM Storwize family

Efficient all-flash and hybrid solutions for midsized workloads.