Simple, scalable storage unlocks the full benefits of server virtualization.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an industry-leading technology company that enables customers to go further, faster. With the industry's most comprehensive portfolio—spanning the cloud to the data center to workplace applications—our strategy is to address transformation head-on. HPE delivers infrastructure solutions that enable the choice and flexibility to meet both traditional and emerging application workload requirements without compromising or adding incremental complexity. We help customers build a coherent, consistent data center architecture with rich, common data services to drive down costs and a support single approach to training, management, interoperability, and replication.

HPE Software-Defined Storage offers customers the flexibility to consume storage in the manner that best fits their needs—as purpose-built arrays, StoreVirtual VSA storage deployed on industry-standard servers, or converged or hyper-converged appliances. Regardless of how customers choose to consume storage, we offer the ability to manage it along with compute and fabric resources through a single interface using HPE OneView or third-party management and orchestration tools. We also allow customers to manage their entire backup environment from a single console using the backup software of their choice.

Technology Advances Are Driving Demand for SDS There has never been a better time to get into software-defined storage — even for smaller sites that lack the budget to invest in new technologies. SDS has gained recent attention for its simplicity, scalability, high availability and efficiency.

HPE software-defined technology is simple and open. Vendor-agnostic and efficient, HPE SDS technology does not have the cost or complexity of dedicated hardware.

New processor technology is ideal for virtualization. HPE StoreVirtual technology taps into the power of new servers and faster, higher capacity disks to cost-optimize virtual infrastructures.

Rising costs and shrinking physical space pose significant challenges. HPE StoreVirtual is proven technology that can help businesses:

Save up to 80% on storage costs Reduce the data center footprint by 50% Gain back 60% savings in energy costs

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel Join Forces

Not long ago, single CPU servers could efficiently manage only one virtual machine. Today's powerful Intel® Xeon® based servers have multiple processors and can easily support the performance needs of both virtual applications and storage appliances on the same server.

Together, HPE and Intel provide storage solutions that deliver on the promise of a highly virtualized, software-defined, and cloud-enabled data center.