Hitachi Data Systems

Our IT solutions and services drive strategic management and analysis of the world's data.

Hitachi Data Systems builds information management and social innovation solutions that help businesses succeed and societies be safer, healthier, and smarter. We believe that successful businesses create a successful society—this is social innovation. Our technology-based solutions transform your organization. We focus on big data that offers real value—what we call the Internet of Things that matter. Our IT infrastructure, analytics, content, and cloud solutions and services drive strategic management and analysis of the world's data. Our technology and deep domain expertise turn big data into big value for business.

With speed, money, and innovation in short supply in business, we address these needs in our solutions. We can improve the agility of your data center with software-defined, application-led infrastructure. We can make content available where and when you need it with a variety of cloud computing options. With our analytics, we lead the way in helping businesses gain real-time insight for better decision-making. Only Hitachi Data Systems integrates the best of information technology and operational technology from across the Hitachi family of companies to deliver the exceptional insight that business and society need to transform and thrive. We connect what works today with what's next. Learn more at

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Transform to a Service-Defined IT Organization
A continuum of services, from consulting to transition and management, helps you make the right decisions and transform your business without disruption. Management services out-task activities and offer efficiency through automation and deliver consistently on the vision. With HDS Global Services, you can extend your enterprise to the cloud and take advantage of big data to innovate with analytics for insight.