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FusionStack Co., Ltd., is a software vendor located in Beijing that focuses on improving the efficiency of IT infrastructure. It helps its clients build simple and efficient IT infrastructures so they can focus on what matters most: their business.

FusionStack is a VMware Elite Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) and a member of the Intel® Storage Builders program, with a development team bringing many years of experience with enterprise storage and cloud computing. FusionStack boasts the first hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) client in China, and currently serves more than 200 clients spanning finance, telecom, government, education, medical, enterprise, and more. In 2016, the TOP fund invested in FusionStack, making the company the first to receive such an investment from the fund. The TOP fund is supported by the Beijing regional government, and primarily invests in the high-end server, enterprise storage, and database industries.

Using a strategy of innovation-driven development, FusionStack focuses on innovating the business and delivery models. In the business-model creation area, we developed enterprise storage based on an open architecture. With delivery-model creation, we developed HCI software. Clients across industries benefit from lower cost and simple and secure high-end storage, empowering them to improve information management.

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FusionStor is a software-defined storage product. Through Ethernet or InfiniBand with high speed and low latency, it integrates different types of hard drives into a block storage resource. With high availability, simple management, high performance, and elastic scalability, it provides various types of APIs. It also supports iSCSI, NBD, QEMU driver, Sheepdog, and Cinder interfaces.

FusionStor has no metadata server, using an operating system (OS)-bypass architect together with DPDK, RDMA, and SPDK techniques. FusionStor archives more than 10 million IOPS on one node, with an average latency of less than 500 microseconds.


FusionNAS is a clustered storage system for large amounts of data. It can use an x86 server as a storage unit, and provides a global interface compatible with a native disk-access interface.

The FusionNAS storage system provides PB-level capacity and can be increased online based on requirements. Using a metadata server clustering technique, while removing the limits of current file systems, FusionNAS provides nearly unlimited file storage amounts and fast file indexing. It can store 10 million files while still delivering a fast file-indexing speed. Meanwhile, FusionNAS provides high availability for the whole system, avoids single-node failure issues, and provides fault detection and fast data recovery.