FalconStor® Software, Inc. is a software-defined storage (SDS) company offering a converged data services software platform that is hardware-agnostic. Our flagship product, FreeStor®, delivers intelligent, predictable, and actionable software-defined storage data services across your existing cloud, hybrid cloud, SDS, and Flash* storage environments, allowing IT managers to maximize storage utilization and reduce costs while providing intelligent insight into operational efficiencies–without investing in all-new technology or being forced to replace older technology.

Unlike other SDS solutions, FreeStor enables transformation of data center storage infrastructures to a true software-defined model and provides intelligence and unified data services across heterogeneous storage platforms in a way that allows organizations to base storage investments on application and business needs.


FalconStor's FreeStor® software-defined storage (SDS) platform leverages Intel® x86 architectures to optimize storage environments from commercial arrays to custom white-box solutions of almost any scale. FreeStor's Intelligent Abstraction® core scales to enterprise-class performance with Intel® processor cores. Additionally, Intel® chipset capabilities for encryption and performance management, such as turbo boost mode, are used to optimize storage features.

As part of the Intel® Storage Builders program, Intel partners (OEMs, integrators, VARs) can accelerate storage solution design and time to market by leveraging their existing appliance, protocol, interconnect, and storage solutions. FreeStor can be used either as a storage service platform that includes a complete portfolio of data services (migration, continuity, recovery, and optimization), or to support individual services such as data replication, snapshots, and always-on, active/active clustering technology. These two-way and four-way clusters are deployable in either local or stretch configurations.