Enmotus develops storage virtualization, acceleration and analytics software for private as well as public cloud data centers. Our solution enables rapid deployment and adoption of new storage class technologies in Intel storage-servers and provides unprecedented access to device telemetry data to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Our FuzeDrive software leverages commodity hardware, providing a fully automated, high performance, reliable architecture for scale out datacenters. FuzeDrive maximizes server efficiency, reduces power and cooling costs and simplifies storage management. Our state of the art management and analytics tools provide real time visibility into storage behavior thus providing the information needed to maintain optimal system performance as well as operational efficiency.

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Enmotus FuzeDrive Storage Acceleration Software turns any Windows or Linux Server into a high performance, Intelligent Storage Solution.

Whether you are running a standalone DAS database server or a scale out data center, FuzeDrive allows you to experience the full read/write performance of flash and the capacity of hard drives. No need to buy expensive proprietary hardware. All it takes is some SSDs and a 3-minute install. FuzeDrive creates a single virtual volume that looks like a solid-state device. Fully automated real time tiering means no user intervention is required for optimal performance. Advanced users have the option to manually pin files to either tier.

It's Simple – No changes required to your OS or any drivers It's Fast – Real-Time optimization ensures your hot data is always on the fast tier It's Economical – SSD performance at HDD pricing It's Smart – Visual monitoring tools show you system performance It's Future Proof – Tiers any block devices including SSD to SSD as well as memory class storage