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Coho Data, the data storage platform for the modern enterprise

Inspired by highly scalable public clouds, Coho Data developed the first flash-tuned, scale-out storage architecture designed for private clouds that delivers unparalleled performance and simplified management at public cloud capacity pricing.

Cloud vendors have removed the provisioning and management of storage from customer view, making it invisible. Invisible storage is transparent to the customer, allowing IT to focus less time on maintaining hardware and more time focusing on the value of their data. Coho Data has brought invisible storage to the enterprise private cloud.

Intel and Coho Data have developed a strategic relationship based on our aligned vision of accelerating technology adoption and evolution in the data center. Through this relationship, Intel and Coho Data have committed to pioneering a modern data center by empowering customers with the best technology.

Flash vendors talk about speeds and feeds, IOPS, and gigabits. Coho's architecture assumes that ridiculous device speeds are the new reality of persistent data. The role of storage is changing: storage systems shouldn't just read and write data, they should allow you to find the real value of nonvolatile memory to meet your specific business and application needs.

A modern enterprise is a data-driven organization that measures itself on operational and economic efficiency as well as adaptability. Enterprise storage has let you down. Traditional and cloud-based vendors alike are disrupting your path to success. Coho Data believes that transformation without disruption is the key.

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Coho's architecture balances the dense performance of emerging nonvolatile memory with the necessary compute and network resources required for integration with the modern data center. Coho DataStream is a distributed software system that aggregates and integrates commodity hardware into a single, scalable data platform.