CloudPhysics provides data-driven insights for smarter IT, delivering unprecedented data center analytics to a broad range of users. CloudPhysics' agile, scalable SaaS solution continuously analyzes customer environments and leverages collective intelligence to yield actionable results that optimize performance, lower costs, reduce risk, and enable smarter business decisions. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, CloudPhysics serves thousands of end users worldwide across major industries and supports a robust partner network.

CloudPhysics' powerful storage analytics allow IT teams to proactively pinpoint and resolve storage-related capacity or performance problems. Data-driven insights quickly reveal opportunities to reclaim unused or wasted storage space; now, IT can easily view resource utilization trends that identify additional compute and storage resources. Organizations rely on CloudPhysics to enable smart decision-making that optimizes infrastructure management.


Virtualization has transformed IT operations through resource abstraction and workload consolidation. But this abstraction has also made IT operations extraordinarily more complex, particularly where virtualization and storage meet. It's now harder to understand how things work under the covers.

CloudPhysics Storage Analytics turns raw storage metrics into actionable information – without scripting or spreadsheets. Our near real-time instrumentation and analytics run across your entire virtual infrastructure so IT ops can:

Immediately diagnose storage performance culprits (and victims) Pre-empt performance and capacity disruptions Proactively manage datastores with deep health checks Create custom storage analytics and reporting for interactive exploration, root cause analysis, and ongoing management