We are Canonical—the company behind Ubuntu

We are Canonical. It is our mission to make open source software available to people everywhere. We believe the best way to fuel innovation is to give the innovators the technology they need. Canonical was created alongside Ubuntu to help it reach a wider market. Our services help governments and businesses the world over with migrations, management, and support for their Ubuntu deployments. Together with our partners, we ensure that Ubuntu runs reliably on every platform—from the PC and the smartphone to the server and the cloud.

Ubuntu Advantage Storage

Ubuntu Advantage Storage from Canonical embeds the proven software-defined storage technologies of Ceph*, NexentaEdge*, Swift*, and SwiftStack* into a 24/7-supported software solution with a unique metered pricing model.

The pace of data creation is exploding. As structured and unstructured data fills disks and data retention policies lengthen, every organization must find cost-effective ways to grow their storage infrastructure.

Traditionally, enterprise storage needs have been met with appliance-like (storage area network) and (network-attached storage) solutions. However, they are often expensive to purchase, expand, and upgrade.

Designed from the ground up for petabyte-scale deployments, Ubuntu Advantage Storage now offers a proven software-defined storage alternative at the lowest per gigabyte price.