We specialize in the architecture, engineering, delivery, and management of cloud services. Whatever your business, we can assess your needs to help you become more agile, achieve high velocity, and deliver greater value.

Each solution is comprehensive and tailor-made to suit your requirements, utilizing state-of-the-art infrastructure combined with best-practice solutions. Trusted worldwide by service providers, government, educational, and enterprise customers of all sizes, our team can design a solution that will increase your business agility and drive the next generation of revenue growth.

Let us make the most of your cloud platform, while you get back to working on your core business.

Managed Cloud

A complete hands-off cloud experience. From cloud planning and strategy to migration, testing, and optimization—this is the whole package.

Storage Solutions

Cost-efficient, scalable, and secure storage solutions. We also offer live data migrations and disaster recovery to provide peace of mind for your data storage.


Consulting, automation, and custom development. If you have specific requirements, and there aren't any tools on the market, we can provide you with a tailor-made solution or customized in-house tool.

Cloud Platforms

From simple Heat-template deployments to large-scale platform as a service (PaaS) using Murano*, Cloud Foundry*, or OpenShift*. Aptira's PaaS allows you to develop, run, and manage your own applications.